I’m at the office early today. Few patients this morning, which means I get a chance to get caught up on my “charting”. Find anyone in the health care professions, and ask them about “charting”….(have your camera ready) and just watch  as they get that look on their face!

Home news:  It’s absolutely brilliant that all three of my teens woke up early, got dressed and out on time! Bravo kiddiewinks! …Maybe Dad could be the alarm clock instead of me (they just roll over and play dead when I sing my early morning singing song–“Good morning Starshine, the Earth says hellooooo….!”)  I definitely married my better half…Hubby does everything better than I do.

AND…………….Now for the big news……Dare I say it??



This way, when I break the sound barrier with Bianca, I’ll be safe when I spontaneously burst into flames. So I got that going for me… (and NO the soul patch was not included).

photo 1photo 3

Here is Another Brush with Greatness…Okay, yes, this one is for real…

I was accidentally enrolled (and then intentionally permitted) to join a webinar with Randy Pobst and Tom Long, who are Mazda Race drivers! For a full 90 minutes, I got to hear from 2 of today’s best road racers as they walked us through Road Atlanta track, turn by turn. Hearing about the topographical changes in the track was invaluable.


Also, getting their insights on maintaining “highest minimal speeds” through corners was fascinating, because they were really focused on the techniques for spec Miatas, stock/modded Miatas and RX-8s (both turbo and naturally aspirated). I’ve always had a thing for the twin rotary engines….in fact I did at one point in a former life own, love and drive a 1993 MX-6. Even now, over 20 years later the low growl of the v-6 twins still gets me slightly hot and bothered…(SIGH)!

In case you’d like to take a look (and I know who you Rd. Atl. fiends are VTechPower and Green Frog) go to MazdaMotorsports.com. It is a really well done series called Behind the Zoom and is very accessible. Kudos to Mazda Motorsports, and to David Cook! They have one on VIR which I’m gonna check out later tonight. Here is the link:


So, those who will be at the NNJR PCA HPDE at VIR (translation: Northern New Jersey Region of the  Porsche Club of America hosted High Performance Drivers Education at Virginia International Raceway) this weekend, just look out for my bright yellow racing suit and orange helmet in the paddocks… don’t be shy to stop by and say Howdy!

Looking forward to seeing the other Hurricane usual suspects: 007, Yoda, RAM, and Chef B…Perhaps even a special guest will visit…yoo hoo Ms. Leggy Stig?!

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