‘Prepping’ Again…!

Oh .




This one, I’m afraid, will be my Waterloo.

I’ve been sick, I’ve missed yoga, and I’ve not viewed my track videos for a week.  Not even the ones from Bandit (you know who you are)…inspired by No Schit Sherlock.

Even did no swimming.

(Also for what its worth, I think: Snowman+Fred=underrated)

What on earth am I going to do at track? Little Miss SmugDriverMom who was all about “oh ya know…Track Prep is my thing…yadda yadda yadda”.

Um…….. So not happenin’.

Instead I  am in “Shifting Bricksville” indeed.

Bianca really needs to be washed, and waxed and taped. I have to complete 4 loads of laundry for the family before I leave town. The Pig’s spare tire is still at Buddha’s shop in Raleigh, and needs to be picked up before the Turkey Enduro to Indianapolis for stuffing with family. I also have to meet with one attorney (oh yeah, death penalty case y’all!), one college planning conference, one Book Fair reading and at least 3 car-line experiences. All before 5 pm tomorrow. And, did I mention? I’m on for emergencies in clinic today, and …

For the first time ever, I’m getting the sense that my family is feeling a smidge of “track-fatigue”. How do I know?  Well, for one thing: they actually WANT to spend time with me. The supreme  love of my life, Big T, is working like crazy and scheduled to be on call while I’m away. Cufflinks, the most responsible child I have or ever will raise, will be home so he can babysit and chauffer the others. Still, the always polished HairGel and the emotional volcano known as StrummerDiva can be a twinge volatile when they know I’m not around.

Furthermore, in, what appears to be the most baffling development in my life so far, hubby and I find that during their teenage years the one thing our children quibble about the most often is…….Food!!! Honestly, to see how they fight over it would make one think we only feed them InSinkErator scraps and Ovaltine.

But getting back on track: Perhaps irrationally, I’m fearful that I might disappoint my beloved teacher 007. Or myself. And just in case there’s any wondering about pressure, my readership has near-doubled in the past 48 hours. So I really don’t want to screw up, because how else will I get Tide detergent to sponsor me?

But, there are at least 3 sources of hope:

1. Yoda (who recently has expressed that he prefers to be called Vader) might come visit with the 993 in NC a.k.a. “Blackie”. Now, I get that the car is a serious badass. And, I get that Yoda/Vader considers himself to be a serious badass. In fact, I MYSELF CONSIDER YODA/VADER TO BE A SERIOUS BADASS.  I think the conflict lies within the eye of the starwarsfanbeholder: who has the biggest power? Yoda or Vader?

Methinks this can only be answered by a poll. I’ll get one of the kids to teach me how to do this. But no worries, Y.V., regardless of the poll, as any good doctor will tell you: the patient’s wishes are supreme. We can do whatever you like my friend. Not that you are my patient, or anything. Just that it spills over into general respect for autonomy.

2. I get to see Kivinski: the woman I know who has the toughest skin, combined with the keenest wit, the kindest heart, and the courage to be vulnerable in a way that 99.9% of the Earth’s pop. can only aspire to be. Which she has been since 1983, when I first had the weirdly exciting experience of meeting her and her disarming and direct bright-blue-tinged-with-grey-eyed gaze. Pls don’t tell her I said so. “Just whistlin’ Dixie here, ma’am.”

3. MikeJim has set me an appropriately irrelevant and naughty task to take on a couple of his old pals at the track on Friday night…so that has given me a sliver of impishness which, for a pathetic FastDriverMom like myself, translates into “bad-girl” levels of disobedience. (Clarification: Not like the bad girls who smoke and are easy; just those pragmatically prissy ones that are in a holding pattern, who hike up their skirts a bit in English class all semester long.)

Greenfrog has been reporting snowflurries in Alton, VA: the space where my dreams unfold. And, did you happen to notice just how incredibly beautiful my beloved Bianca, aka Ms. DeWeiss is?Avoid my face, please, and focus in the reflection of her Beyonce-esque sillhouette as shown in my polarized RayBans.

(photo credit Kivinski)1522080_10204106210954164_1273859780188111314_n (1)

What can I say? Except:

Track day, coming right up!

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