Fast Christmas Mom.


“Honey, what is on your Christmas wish list this year?” He asked me.

“Like the song said….All I want for Christmas is you.” I replied.

“No really, I mean what do you want me to buy you?”

“All I want for Christmas……”

“That’s not what I meant”

And so on.

When it comes to Christmas with my family, the above conversation demonstrates my sentiments about the Holy Day. You might think that the ONLY thing important to me is Bianca and driving. But I attest here today that my family is what matters to me the

My sweetheart, best friend, collaborator, comedian laureate, the one and only Big T along with our little T’s (Cufflinks, HairGel and StrummerDiva) are so important to me that I have not driven Bianca in almost 6 days. It’s actually 4 days but it feels like 6.  Still.

The lists have been made, cookies baked, and lights all strung. And, just to clarify, when I say cookies I really mean cookies.

image image_1 image_2xmascookies2013

The top two photos show stained glass cookies and Grandma Phyllis’ special Christmas cookies in varying stages of development. The third pic is of pizelles, and the fourth photo shows what it looks like when we are all done baking (this is from last year). We still have 3 more cookie recipes to go before we complete our repertoire.

Two out of 3 progeny have texted Santa their wish list. The third is swimming in end of semester exams, college applications, and debate tournament-related attire including silk ties, wool suits, and of course, Cufflinks. He does come up for breath once in a while to catch a clean whiff of fresh internet. Anyway, my point is, who knows what the kid is hoping for?

In the meantime, to avoid frustrating my Santa and to limit additions to my plentiful fine jewelry collection, I have decided what to put on my Santa List.

Performance street TIRES!

With much consultation from the brain-trust at Rennlist, and seeking input from my trusted Tech Guru Buddha, along with words of experienced fast drivers of old 911’s such as Monsieur Le Mans and SCDon, and the considered impressions of DigitalBro, Vader and SwamiMike I know which tires I want: Toyo Proxes R888! I’m going to try them out on track the next year. Because…I really am a WannaBe Fast Driver Mom.toyo_r888_r35

So there you have it. Even though I haven’t been very good, thank you Santa.

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