Bibbity Bobbity

2015-03-31 12.38.12-2
Oh, imagine leaving North Carolina during the winter, and finding myself in a boat on a fake Polynesian island in Florida. Relief!

Fast Driver Mom: Life is full of Good Mojo.

Bored Reader: Really?

FDM: I’ll tell you my top 100.


FDM: But..but….Okay. Fifty?

BR: Don’t.

FDM: Twenty-five?

BR: Must we?

FDM: Of course not. I love you. I don’t want to hurt you. You tell me.

BR: …..

FDM: Sorry?

BR: (biting lip) Maybe 25.

FDM: Deal!

You, along with Bianca, are the true star of this blog. You embody the creme de la creme of all good mojo.

Me? Mere mortal version. Pathetic. Domesticated. Nevertheless, until that last spark of magic is thrashed out of me I’m game.

1. Brain function=lists. Good. Weird. Isn’t weird good?

2015-03-31 12.52.55
They really are sweet kids, except when they are not. My StrummerDiva and HairGel.

2. Among the tiki huts of THE Magic Kingdom. Seven hundred miles here. Seven hundred back. Not capital F fast. The beautimous Pig hauled editions 2 & 3 fruits of my loins to Florida. Miraculously, they love Disney! (And never read my writing, so I can use “fruits of my loins” with impunity.)

3. Still lovin’ my BigT the best! Twenty years +. Success tip: first dates always pick the Tupac Shakur movie. No explanation will/need be given for the nickname.

4. Friends: the most delightful surprises come out of the blue. Yes…that’s YOU!  People who seem to have faith in me. Well-wishers who go out of their way to be generous and kind to me. Because they are incredible! Kind. Funny. Inspiring.

Ex: Badass sweet FarmTe, writing her OWN TV show.

Who does secret/free auto-work by putting in a short shift kit? Fairy-godfathers DO exist at Digital Chassis!

Kivinski infusing laughter, aesthetics, analytics, curiousity, and genuine warmth with her cool grey gaze.

Vader spending countless hours coaching/encouraging/haranguing me; ALL my dear friends from around the world (childhood to womanhood) who actually CARE about how I’m doing–you girls and guys are the reasons my blog is lighting up in Jordan, Sweden, Mexico, Kuwait, Vietnam, Pakistan and other places!

Serene Buddha. Usual suspects: fun-meister LeMans, helpless-junkie-fastboy GreenFrog, self-critical/unbelievably kind Tex, dashing Agent 007 to whom I can present my unmasked clueless self, who help me every time. Knowledgeable, patient, funny SCDon answering all my asinine questions about technique. Dennis from VIR: rocks all my lodging reservations! Mercurial SweetandSourSwami who puts up with me (as I put up with him…who even knows why?) My subscribers….Truthfully, I am your fan!

Most magical of all: my Right Seat Riders, the instructors.

2015-03-06 20.17.04
Roscoe on the left, Buddy on the right/foreground.

5. Puppies. Two of them.

2015-04-05 12.42.02
Bianca made a new friend. Mysteriously androgynous The23Car has rear tail that might give a gender clue.

6. Bianca has a really sweet rear end. She swings it nicely too.

7. Duke are NCAA Basketball champs! Classes end in 2 weeks!

8. Life-long carsickness, no actual track vomiting.

9. An international education and background in which I was exposed to a diversity of humanity.

10. “Relative fiscal privilege.” One can never be too rich or too thin. Seriously there’s no risk of either condition. However, I have spent enough time as a young physician trainee in urban squatter settlements of developing countries (think Slumdog Millionaire) to know that I am blessed beyond comprehension. As are you.

11. Family: My beloved three babies among others. Good Health. Driving shoes: Piloti only. R tires. Forensic psychiatry. Excellent peds and vets and shiatsu therapists, like SenorSavvy. Amazing colleagues. Optimism, goofiness, cluelessness combined.

Notice the hips and the dagger? Serious bidness yo’.

My heritage as a Rajput Warrior woman (Google it! Mom is a Rana and my Dad is a Bhatti. Pipe it and smoke it.)

Remodelers extraordinaire MaryKate Beddell and Jay Hughes.

2015-03-31 12.53.23
Alakazam and michikaboo!

12. My refusal to remain a slow-lane loser on track. I began a year ago. I drive a real car. No chips. Surely 10 years of minivan purgatory mandates a minimum 8 month handicap. I gotta learn to floor it. It will happen. As a future senior-citizen, I insist upon fun-ing my speed up.

Ah…Isnt’ this magic enough?….let’s take off early.

Relax. Easy. Savor the joy!

Next: North Course Part 1. Chicken vs. Gag Reflex

4 thoughts on “Bibbity Bobbity

    1. You are one in a million, Ms. LeggyStig! Thanks for your encouragement along the way…Who knows how long ago I would have dumped this project without your cheerful support and passion for hot cars — vroooom vroooom baby!


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