Housekeeping & Update

I’m back from Indy.

Selfie I sent to my kids from track. notice the huge grin?

I’m so happy, I’ve celebrated a birthday, and I’m sore in every part of my body.

There is so much I’m grateful for and so much to write about.

Moxie is unloaded, the tires are stowed and the trailer is back in storage.

This week the kids are going back to school and I’m returning to clinic.

Just to keep things simpler and ordered chronologically, I will stay on schedule to publish the final chapter of our June Road Atlanta adventures this week.

Sunrise over the Ohio State Line driving eastward on Mondays return trip.

Then The Indy Series will begin.

During the writing of this blog, I have experimented a bit with writing more detailed multi-chapter write-ups versus trying more “Big Picture” type of reporting.

I’m not sure which works out best. I’ve been told, though, that writing from what feels right and true is the best path to follow.

And, with some track events, I feel one format works better or the other feels more right.

The Pig and I drive 13 hours and 700+ miles together on Monday.

But, if you have any ideas to share on what you prefer, let me know. I can’t promise to take all advice I am given, but I can promise to speak my truth.

Thank you. I’m blessed to have you as my friends.

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