So Late, So Soon?

“How did it get so late so soon?

It’s night before it’s afternoon.

December is here before it’s June.

My goodness how the time has flewn.

How did it get so late so soon?”

These are the words by the man who taught me (and probably you) to read. Theodore Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss. And even in the middle stages of my life, so often, his words ring true. There is some solace in knowing that I am not alone in feeling this way.490 (0220 of 1060)

Many things are going on in my “real life” with which I need not bore you. Several major events have occurred in my “track life” as well, the details of which  I’ll share, in due time.

In the meantime, I am cheated by the swift clock and my exhausted, ridiculously ailing body: both are real and immutable limitations.

Guess what? I despise limitations.

I’ll find a way. I always have.


All this to say: Since the Indianapolis driving trip, life events have limited my writing time. Normally, I devote a minimum of 8 hours a week to writing. Recently, not so.

Just to provide and update, below is a list of track-relevant events over the past 35 days. Once my writing returns to schedule, I will continue to publish track write-ups in chronological sequence. It’s better that way, for OCD-management purposes.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway driving August 22-24: PCA B1/Intermediate Solo Run group. I survived! I made friends! I dream of going back!

Kart Racing Enduro Sept 6: First time I ever drove a Kart. My team-mates were, thus, at a disadvantage. Tex set the record lap time for the race. In our last stint, we ran out of gas.

Roebling Road Raceway Sept 26-27: Mosquitoes, rain, sand, and age cannot obscure the charm of this track! With remote coaching from my erstwhile Swami and my bro Vader I arrived feeling prepared. This, supplemented with on-site coaching by TheBoaters, allowed me to I tackle it solo. And I will return.

Thank you, my friends, readers, sponsors. Thank you, my track mentors, coaches, and instructors. Most of all, thank you my ever-patient and supportive family. I’m humbled by your generosity, and honored to share my driving story. Without you all, I wouldn’t have a driving story to share.MoxieCrossingBricksIndy2015

2 thoughts on “So Late, So Soon?

  1. So happy to meet you at Roebling and welcome another woman to our high performance driving sorority. Happy driving, ’til we meet again, and keep the shiny side up.

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    1. Dear Beth, riding in your right seat was the only time I have been able to ride an entire full session! You are just THAT smooth a driver. Thank you for your and Ron taking the time to teach me. I felt so proud when Ron sat with me Sunday and said : “Hey! Not bad!”


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