A Lost Letter From 2016, Found in 2018.

I wrote this and then couldn’t find it. This afternoon, almost two years later, I spotted it tucked away in the drafts folder.

Much has changed since then, yet these moments remain freshly captured.

Dear Larry, Don, and Roz,

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post of any substance. That’s not such a big deal for me, but it IS a big deal that I have not updated you on my track events since August. The only possible rationale I can use to explain it is: Perfection is the Enemy of the Good. My friends D-Loren and V8 helped me to see: I can do a perfunctory snapshot if I don’t have the energy/time/wherewithal to compose a richly detailed narrative.

L : How was your Switzerland trip? Did you go anywhere else? Thank you very much for sending photos…you had QUITE the room with a view.

SCDon: how is The Boss Car coming along? I will be going to Daytona after all. Sorry I’ll miss you  (AGAIN!)

Roz: I still feel bad we didn’t get to chat last time I was at Roebling. My tires and rear brake pads demanded my energy–which was limited to begin with. I didn’t even get a chance to tell you: I was running a fever and was ill to my stomach all weekend. Maybe we can catch up in December…SO exciting that you will be driving then!

Updates since August 2105:

In September, instead of Road Atlanta, I decided to try Roebling Road Raceway in Savannah, GA. Swami had plugged it, Vader too: “Great track for your Miata.” I met some SpecMiata racers, a father-son team of Miata trackers, and most especially a  delightful couple. Both are instructors, and very kindly took me under their wing.  Mr. & Mrs. Houseboat also happened to drive…guess what? Miatas!

Next, with ChinMotorsports in October I experienced a profoundly memorable moment at Road Atlanta. My dear, dear pal, Kivvi flew down to RDU, to spend her birthday weekend with me at track. We drove down to Braselton together, and met up with Vader and Swami. Beautiful driving weather, and I stumbled through my check ride to get that yellow wristband. ‘Twas great to be at RA again! But, honestly? Even better was that sweet moment on Friday evening when these three were all together under the evening sky with me.

Later that month, I got to enjoy dinner with Larry andMary at The Oak Tree Tavern. Especially, thanks Mary, for driving down: I know it’s a long slog and your words of wisdom helped: Lord knows, I need the fashion consultation.

In November I drove three days with the Carolinas PCA: it was my first trip there in my Moxie and I was able to get faster with each day.  My most challenging experience at track in 2014  was with this group (poor instructor match,) and this time tech and registration proved the same. But I DROVE WELL!

December wrapped up my last driving event of 2014: Roebling Road Raceway. It was good weather driving both days, and the Coastal Empire PCA region people were incredibly nice! My biggest accomplishment that weekend was to be able to stay off the brakes at all turns, except 1 and 4. This was a big deal for me. Oh, also, I had my first spin in Moxie. WITH the National Porsche Club Drivers Ed chairman, Alex B, sitting right seat. Absolutely mortifying for me, but he was incredibly calm and reassuring.

In January, we moved our home. Unfortunately, much of that month was taken up with unexpected health problems for Big T and me. Consequently, we still have cardboard boxes that remain unpacked.

Of course, in February, I had to great pleasure of seeing you Mr. LeMans and SCDon at the 48 hrs of Sebring. I don’t know if you recall, but Swami had a new car by then and was returning to racing for the first time in 30 years! The premise of that trip had been to support my friends. Instead, I showed up bedraggled, bruised, and burned finding solace in the comforting  warm embraces of my track family.

The giddy happy smiles of Swami, the giggling conversations with Lady Lambo, the endless rain all afternoon as I worked the flags at Turn 17a, the down to earth racer-mind of SCDon and those parade laps on following Mr. LeM Saturday that took an eternity to begin (remember the delay?) …You all gave me hope to go on with the commitments I’d made to my family.  Much to my delight, I finally got to meet Mr. Lambo, and was introduced to Swami’s new track toy, the sparkling gem of a Boxster: BabyBlue. And seeing my mentor re-ignite his racing career was priceless. I owe a debt of gratitude to my sweet Big T for holding down the fort that weekend.

Later in February, I did manage to sneak in my first event after a two month hiatus. It was Chin at Road Atlanta. Something is SO magical about that place, that even now, seven months later I have these long, complex, vividly detailed dreams about driving that track. I wake up with heart pounding and my fingers gently cradling Moxie’s Momo steering wheel.

March was busy and exciting! Early in the month, I drove VIR north with Chin. The next day was planned to be full course, but before then my clutch expired. Instead, I spent Sunday hauling the race car to a shop in Charlotte. Don’t even ask : “why Charlotte?” The answer is so stupidly complicated that even I don’t understand it. Ugh.  Ten days later, my buddies Vader and Tex competed in their first race together with SCCA, it was the SAARC event, taking turns driving another beloved Boxster, named by me: BeachBoy. A big group of friends spent all Saturday providing track support and crew services. I was SO proud of my brothers Tex and Vader.

Toward the end of March I was at VIR again, this time with Z 2 PCA. The weather stank, the paddock pests were in full cry, and my Piggy was ailing. Yet it was delightful to see my friends: Greenfrog returned to track (after a bad incident at South Bend last fall), Tex brought BeachBoy (now driving with a full competition license), and best of all, Swami brought his BabyBlue boxster for her first dance on these hallowed grounds.

A great deal more in my track life, has happened since then. Here’s a hint: NCCAR, MidOhio, and Sebring. I promise to pick up where I left off next time. Please give my love to S, and take care. Much love to you both.

Yours sincerely,



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