About the Driver

Woman loves to write.
I don’t have much discretionary time, but I still take time to write. Much of it’s not good, so I don’t post the bulk of it. I just like to play with words.

8 thoughts on “About the Driver

    1. I have seen you in action at Sebring
      You are a good sport and chased a lot of faster cars
      Keep your head up and never talk about being a loser again.
      Keep fighting for it and you will be better and faster than all “those big boys”
      I know you will be at Roebling Road, I will be calling you in a couple of weeks to discuss further details
      If you want to become a PCA instructor I would considering sponsoring you
      Talk to you soon Ed,mr TZ


      1. Hi Ed ! Thanks for the encouragement, and your very kind offer, and the good wishes! Since we met at Sebring, I’ve had two more days with Chin and hope to log another 4 days by the end of Feb. Roebling is a darling and I can’t wait to get back to her again!


  1. First of all, remove the “L” word from your vocabulary! You are out there doing it, you are a WINNER! Hope to see you at a DE in the future, maybe I will be fortunate enough to be your instructor.

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    1. Hey Tallat I never ever thought you’d read my blog! Thanks!
      And, btw….you may THINK you’ve given up bad-assing. I suspect that, in reality, you’ve just transferred your toughness and focus toward a less visible goal. xo


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