About the FDM Experience

Driving down the front straight at Virginia International Raceway, Carolinas PCA HPDE November 2014

Welcome to the Fast Driver Mom experience!

Women in Motorsport Driving are relatively uncommon, but in the past decade greater numbers of younger girls are karting at earlier ages. And we are seeing younger women drivers get more opportunities for sponsorships and professional driving roles.

My name is Ayesha Chaudhary. Although my dream began when I was a little girl, it was not until much much later that I was able to buy myself a race car.

I will clarify that “Fast” Driver Mom is really to identify me as a fast driver among Moms. I am not actually fast enough on track to be fast among track drivers, but I will be some day.

Since March 2014, I have begun to build new skills as a driver. I have attended  over 20 days on track in High Performance Drivers Education (HPDE) training and have advanced through the Porsche Club of America (PCA) Drivers Education ranks from green to yellow to blue.

Although I’m starting late in the game, I am dedicated and undeterred. This blog documents my journey on this interesting and life-changing path.  My goal is to be able to get my PCA Club Racing license in the next 3 years.

At Virginia International Raceway Carolinas PCA HPDE in November 2014.

Please join me as I get in gear for the 2015 track season! Cheer me on, share my blog, sponsor me, or share your own track and car stories!

I am indebted to my instructors for their generosity in teaching, and am grateful for the support and faith that my sponsors have shown in me. To my readers: Thank you for checking my page, for putting up with my bad jokes, and for your good wishes.

My gratitude to my friends, on and off track for all your support. To my family: you are where the seed of this dream began, and you are the reason it was planted and nourished.

To my children, and children everywhere, here is the mantra: Dream Big and Go For It!

In the paddocks July 2014, Trackdaze HPDE at Virginia International Raceway
In the paddocks July 2014, Trackdaze HPDE at Virginia International Raceway

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