Sponsorship Opportunities

Who follows FDM?

Word of mouth, a passion for driving, and the enthusiasm of readers for this unlikely story of a woman breaking stereotypes to follow her dream are inspiring a following! Today, the FDM story is read in 62 countries and the blog has had nearly 10,000 organic hits.

Photo credit: AWOL Photography

Based on our market research and data from the last 10 months, the majority of readers are adults between the ages of 40-65, are mostly in the US, and are predominantly male. We have a larger than average female readership compared to similar topic blogs, and the majority of our women readers are mothers or women interested in motorsports.

Most importantly, the people who read the FDM pages show equal engagement in gender ratios. Market research in the automotive industry shows that companies and vendors who engage women (especially mothers) earn more and have improved customer loyalty. Among those who engage with her writing are in the ages 35-55 range, a consumer base that has great purchasing power.

Just think about it: who writes the monthly bills? That’s right: Mom.Photo on 5-26-14 at 2.50 PM #2

How much money do we spend on advertising FDM? None.

There is great power in the passionate pursuit of a dream, no matter how unlikely the odds. Successes, setbacks and progress are cheered on by the readership!

What type of sponsorships are available?

There are sponsorship openings for the 2015-2016 Season.  Fast Driver Mom is available in 2016 for speaking engagements at your events, or for motivational coaching workshops predominantly in the South East region.

We are also very excited that Fast Driver Mom’s track events calendar is filling up quickly for the 2016-2017 Season! Contact us now to ensure your customers get to see your company supporting women in motorsports.

Advertising and sponsorship packages include web-links, website promos, Facebook page links, and other online advertising. Best of all, sponsors have the option to have their name on the uniform and on the race car itself!

What do you do next?

Photo credit: AWOL photography

Please contact by email (fastdrivermom@gmail.com) to consult about your company’s advertising needs. Join our growing list of sponsors now, and follow the FDM Dream!

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